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The style of the Queen Anne of England in fact identifies the first English Baroque developed under Rein of Queen Anne of Britain (1702 - 1714) to then be widely taken in the late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century. The term in this sense should not be taken literally because even in the late Nineteenth century recomposition of the Queen Anne style, there were many stylistic infiltrations derived from the eighteenth century of the original model. As with many other British styles, even the Queen Anne style spread not only in Great Britan but in all countries comprising the former British Empire.

SHELLACH is a refined element that has played the role of cladding throughuot history. In craftsmanship it has been used to paint fine items including furniture, metalshades and even musical instruments. SHELLACH is a scaled resin, these resin flaches must be dissolved in alcohol to get the paint. There is no standard proportion between the two elements, so the painter must be able to dilute the two components with the right dose. This requires a lot of skill also in using the brush not to leave marks that once hardened, will be very difficult to remove. The result of this application allows to obtain a more homogeneous and pleasant effect to the touch and sight.