Sand Cast

Sand Casting

The models of this chandelier were initially created in wood and then realized the first models in brass. The casting technique used in Sand Casting. Casting process in which the mould is created in the sand using a model, the same as the object to be reproduced. The mould is made in the sand and it is obtained from the model divided into two halves which are placed on two floors, each surrounded by a bracket-container filled with sand, well pressed around the model. From this mould we have to remove the two halves of the sample. The bracket-containers will be perfectly joined together and the fused brass will be poured into them through the pouring channel. With this process we get the article required.

Arizzi ti realize this chandeller is inspired by the historical period "Carlton" King George IV apponited architect John Nash to transform Buckingham House in Buckingham Palace in a real Royal Palace. Many pieces of furniture including the magnificent brass chandellers with crystals, were taken by Carlton House, the London house of George IV before being crowned King.